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Character Meme: Rafe and Izzy!
Tagged by ScurvySimon to do Izzy and by CHOCO-D to do Rafe!
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1. Izzy can switch (quite literally) quickly from one mood to another - shifting from outgoing to anxious, bored to excited, and overall tends to throw off both friends and enemies.
2. He has a very one-track mind and can be easily distracted, leading him and others to frustration with his inability to stay focused on a task during tumultuous situations.
3. He's fascinated with human functions and wants to know what food tastes like, what it's like to feel rain and sunshine, comfort and pain - he isn't advanced enough to experience any of these things.
4. Whatever it is that he's doing, you can bet Izzy will do it with the utmost passion. He cares a lot about a lot of things, to a point of obsession sometimes.
5. He's a hopeless romantic, even though he lacks any real romantic feelings. It's a part of his desire
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formerly Chibi-McLauchlan
United States

my Sylveon icon is by Kattling
HOWDY ... whoever... idek who is even still following me after all this time lawlawl

i've been trying to be a wee bit more active in commenting on people's works that i still admire and love! i can't guarantee it'll continue through the year when college + possible job picks up again, but yeah. one of my things i want to work on this year is more creative output. i'm on the fence about posting more stuff here, but i'm definitely not deactivating this account or anything.

either way i just want people to know i'm alive and kickin' and hoping the best for this year for myself and everyone. c:

hope to see ya around!


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jessasart Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2016  Student General Artist
Woah hey! I know this is a way late response but I just logged in after months haha

How's it goin'? I remember you from the jessathegreat days!
SillyKelly Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2016
oh my gosh yeah! it's been forever haha! i just randomly thought of you/your art the other day and was like OMG I MISS IT!! and so i went on a mini quest and tried to find your newish dA/tumblrs etc etc hahaha. i don't even reaallly use this site anymore except to kinda poke around every once in a while but i figured i'd give it a shot c:
BUT HEY THANKS I'M DOIN...ALRIGHT! surviving, tbh. but i was glad to see you're still around! i hope you're doing well!! :3
jessasart Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2016  Student General Artist
Yeah I went through a period where I wanted complete anonymity and I wanted to start over... but I kind of regret deleting my old dA?? Oh well! If you wanna follow me on Tumblr too I'm at jessasart and jessasdiary. But mostly jessasart.

Surviving is good! I'm the same, actually. School's crazy, life is crazier, but things are slowly coming together. Maybe.
SillyKelly Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2016
yeahhh i always get that awful itch to wanna start over but i hate completely deleting everything hfkdsjfklds
omg yes i think i found & followed you on tumblr! i'm isayanything on there c:

haaaaahaa i know the feeling. keep hanging in there, glad to know you're still kickin' <3
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serenadefox Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
Happy Birthday!
I hope you had a nice day and that the upcoming year's great for you! ^^
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